Joint Venture and Cooperation
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·  We connect and engage Chinese and American companies to help create effective and profitable partnership structures. Both companies enjoy mutual benefits through cooperation with each other. Our services include:

·  Joint Venture

·  M&A and corporate restructuring

·  International sales channel

·  Promote brand value

·  Technology

·  Tech-cooperation - China's demand for modern technology is the largest in the world. We source that technology for our Chinese clients so that they may improve their production capabilities or the quality of their products. In return, they offer to their foreign partner the inside track on accessing the largest and fastest growing marketplace in the world.

·  We identify, share, & help in the transfer of technologies between Chinese & American companies

·  We represent Chinese companies to identify technological buyouts in the US

·  Capital Investment

·  Our goal is to promote capital cooperation between Chinese and American enterprises, which includes:

·  Help US enterprises raise capital from venture capital, private equity and investment funds

·  Help Chinese enterprises go public overseas

·  Real Estate

·  With help from our senior advisor--- formal World Trade Center manager Mr. George F. Donohue and his team, we help Chinese enterprises and individuals on real estate projects like land, hospital, apartment, factory and office building.

·  Our real estate service involves the complete transaction cycle

·  We protect clients’ privacy during the project process

·  Catering to specific demand from clients, we offer customized service

·  Commercial Park

·  We provide high quality expertise and advanced consulting services for American companies to expand to China. Our service packages help companies to settle down in China, open Chinese market, make profits as soon as possible, and distribute the products widely in the shortest amount of time. We welcome American and European companies, especially those who are in the business of electronic information, food and beverage, and sales and distribution of all the industries.

·  Successful Case Studies

·  Guizhou Big Data Promotion Event

·  On September 26th, 2016, sponsored by the Guizhou Provincial Economic and Information Commission and organized by Sunels International Group Inc., the China National (Guizhou) Big Data Comprehensive Pilot Zone’s Big Data Promotion was held successfully at Marriott Hotel in Santa Clara, the U.S.. The event gathered nearly 150 technicians and politicians.

·  STCC International Park – Chengdu

·  As an only American managed and operated commercial park, we aim to help American and European companies to expand in central Chinese market.


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